Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another vacation just in time!

We are going to Texel for 2 weeks (God willing). Texel is a small island in the North Sea. It is part of Holland. They have lots of sheep on the island, and small farms, and good cheese. The beaches are a little cold and windy. They are wonderful if you like long lonely walks, and flying kites. It looks allot like the coast of Oregon. I've already had one vacation this year. I have so much stress in my life that it seems like that vacation was a life time ago. I guess that's just life. We all have years that are calm, and years that are a little more stressful. What do you do? Pretend and just operate as normal, or adjust and get the extra help you need to manage life? For me the answer was clear. I wanted to go to Thailand, but that was over kill! The need was just to get away, not break the bank. Texel is cheap, and just the thing to meet our families need. So we will have 2 whole weeks of "us". No phones, no friends. Maybe a little internet, but mostly just being away. And God willing the time will be a very good way to recharge our batteries and strengthen our influence on our teenage kids. I want to transfer my values and ideas to my kids. That's a Hugh challenge in this world. I can not make my kids accept my values, and the world does a pretty good job campaigning for their hearts and minds. But quality time helps make the relationship stronger. And perhaps this is the real value of family vacations.

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