Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my awful boys

This morning the boys were so wound up it was ugly. I sent them outside to play soccer. They kept on arguing. So I brought them to the park to play with other kids. I knew that they wouldn't use that awful attitude with other kids (at least I hoped not). Philip and Sarah played on the trampoline, and Thomas joined a football game. I was really proud of him to just walk up to a group of strange kids and ask to join the game. That took courage. It's the courage he needs to use at home. He is so shy. But he played really well.
The weather is so discouraging. Yesterday the wind blew at 70km per hour. You can not go to the beach in this weather. The sand blows into your eyes. Today is better. A big storm is on it's way. I had hoped it would be better, but Oh well! I am reading and even sewing. Juergen is also reading. Nicole is doing homework. I guess it would all be ok, as long as the boys kept busy. They have so much energy. That isn't their fault. They are 12 and 13 years old. Being trapped in a small Dutch house is not good for them (or us because they get so awful). Girls can be kept busy with art. But my boys have got to run. As long as the sun shines we are OK. So today is Ok. And I'll just accept today, and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

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