Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I took Thomas with me today to shop for food and TP and and and! It's amazing to me what a family of 7 needs for 2 weeks. It's like moving the Titanic (maybe a bad choice of words). We will of course be Tech heavy. Don't think of robbing our house. I have a house sitter, and I'm taking at least 3 computers, cameras, and the new play station. You wouldn't find much stuff to don't try to rob us.
The weather seems to be improving. Who knows, maybe it will be ok. I'm not expecting to get much of a tan, but I wouldn't want to spend 2 weeks stuck in a small Dutch house with 2 boys with ADHD. I can hear the Universal Amen as I type this! Sure, I would rather be going to Thailand. But I'm saving allot of money, and Holland isn't likely to suffer a coup d'├ętat. Maybe we can manage Thailand next year? If it rains too much in Holland, Juergen will remember why I wanted Thailand. Ok, I'm sure it will be fine. I'm bringing books just in case I do get stuck in the house allot. I have "The power of Positive Prophecy" by Laurie Beth Jones. I already started to read it. It's about the words we use to speak positive things into other peoples lives. I'm going through menopause. One of the side effects of menopause is I say whatever comes to my mind. That's not always good! It has already gotten me into trouble!!! It's like the little filter that use to help me test my tongue has been washed away by my hormonal change. I need this book! Positive prophecy has played a big role in my life. My uncle (God bless him really) use to call me dummy. He did that(I think) because I had a speech, language delay. In high school I thought I was dumb. Then a teacher asked me, "Amy, what do you plan on studying when you go to college"? I felt stunned! College? Didn't she know only smart people and rich people go to college? I was not smart or rich. But what reason did she have to ask such a thing? From that very moment I was going to college. I believed those words, and I lived up to them. Imagine, one question changed my whole life! I am trying to speak into the lives of my kids...not negative stuff but positive stuff. Today I told Thomas how amazing he played guitar (it was true). I asked him if he wanted to take guitar lessons, and he does. So I think we will be packing 3 guitars too. We may need to take both cars?

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