Saturday, August 28, 2010

sun shine makes me happy

I woke up today with the sun shinning. Now that's a change. It does allot for your disposition to see a calm sky. It's suppose to rain later in the day. We had better get out and enjoy it while we can! I really did want to go home, and would have if they gave us a voucher for next year. I'm glad we stayed. It's very clear to me we can not always see what is best. We want to make good decisions. We try to do what's best based on all the knowledge we have. But our knowledge is so limited. You can not be paralyzed by this fact. You have to decide things. This applies to vacations, schools and everything. We have to decide on keeping Thomas in his school, or moving him. We will gather as much information as we can, and try to make a good choice. But in the end we need God's wisdom.

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