Friday, September 3, 2010

one last Texel blog post

I'm going to say goodbye to Texel, and close up shop. This will be the last Texel blog post. On the last day we saw that the weather was again awful. Juergen was very anxious to get home, and get organized. I can not say I blame him. He has a business trip to India. He needed some time to transition. I went shopping with Nicole and Philip. We stocked up on good things from Holland. I bought loads of chocolate sprinkles for bread, Dutch cookies, and apple butter. I also found a little bird bath for 5 Euro at a road side stand.
Everything got cleaned up and packed. We were on the road by 3pm. It was pouring rain. I had hoped for one last trip to the beach, but it was not meant to be. Juergen heard on the News that this has been the wettest summer in recorded European History. I found the grapes rotten when I returned home. Our neighbors told us it rained the whole time we were gone. I read it on other blogs too. Basically everyone in Europe had a wet vacation. MANY people came home early. I had an OK time in Texel considering the weather. But a small Dutch house with hyper active sons is stressful. I didn't come home relaxed, I came home stressed. I need some sun lamps (that's what my sister wrote). I need Vit D and sun lamps. She is right. Texel it's self is very charming. It's great for old folks, lovers, and very young families. But I have hyper active young teenage sons. On the good weather days they were OK, but there were not many good weather days. I would recommend Texel to anyone who wants a slow quite time. I'm sure if I went there with out my kids it would have been lovely! Next year I want to go back to Thailand. I am in serious need of sunshine. I have 2 very large bags of shells to put in my garden as a mulch. I also have bulbs that will bless me each spring for many years God willing. I have lots of very special Dutch cookies to eat with my tea during the dark days of winter, and I have beautiful photos of my very good looking kids. So even if I'm not 100% relaxed, it was still a fruitful time! So back to everyday life, back to school, and thank you for traveling with us to Texel Holland. It is an awsome place, especially when the sky is blue.

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