Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I see blue

We had a good breakfast. The boys made us laugh and not angry. It always seems to go one way or the other. Lately it's mostly them making us angry. But today was very good. I now have a new nick name for them. Thomas is Mr. Spoke and Philip is caption Kirk. After breakfast we went to the animal park. Sarah rode a pony and Jess chased the chickens. Philip and Thomas got involved in a pickup soccer game. They are both getting pretty good at the game. Nicole took advantage of the quite house to do some math. She has her comprehensive exams beginning in February. I'm afraid she will have her nose in a book most of this year. The days of football and pony rides are gone. It's time for work! Oh, and Jess and I went shopping again. You can always get Jessica out of her room if you go shopping. After we shopped, we walked. My knee is slowly getting better. I really hurt it badly in a dumb accident. I was so afraid I was going to need surgery in the fall. But I'm determined to avoid surgery. So I walk everyday. I can go an hour without my brace on. I'm still thinking we should buy the farm house in Bad Schönborn. I think Israel will drop a bomb on Iran and food prices will skyrocket. I need land. Call me crazy, but I just can not shake the notion. But I can not run a small farm when I can not walk. I need a strong knee.

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