Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's starting to jell

I'm sitting here in the living room of our vacation house. I feel very happy for at least this moment. No one is screaming, no one demanding. We just came from lunch. We had a pretty good Mexican meal. It wasn't what you would expect in Mexico or America, but very good for Europe. My favorite thing was the toasted bread they served with fresh herb butter. It was awesome. The salad was also wonderful. It had loads of thinly sliced sweet onion and cheese. After lunch we went to a farm where they make their own ice cream. I found the ice cream far too sweet. The Dutch people have a major sweet tooth. Juergen grew up in Holland. He loves sugar. His mom made cake every weekend. Sunday dinner was 3 or 4 different kinds of cake. But Juergen even thought the ice cream was too sweet. Thomas didn't even want to get out of the car. I made him come. He ended up playing football with an other German kid. The farm has an awesome play area. They have goats, chickens and even deer. Philip made friends with 2 other kids on the trampoline. Thomas played football. We ended up waiting an extra half hour so they could play. It was great! Now Thomas is playing on the play station, Sarah and Philip are coloring, Jess is watching her DVD player, and Juergen and Nicole are playing guitar. I don't think I'll have much success loading photo's. I'll try. It is a very slow internet, but life is good.

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