Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's been very hard to pull Jess out of her room on this vacation. She will under no circumstances go on the beach. The weather has mostly been awful. I have only had success driving her around to look at the horses and sheep, and shopping. Today I took her to ecomare. It's a very small center that takes in wounded sea lions. They have a few fish tanks. Jess was happy there for about one hour. I then sat in the car with her while Nicole and Philip spent one more hour looking around. That's fine, I had a book with me. When Juergen took the kids to the beach, I drove Jess to the other end of the Island to buy gas for the car, and food for dinner. She walked through a garden center with me. They had some really nice things (the Dutch love gardening). I know we won't have room in the car, so I only bought a new toy for our dog Mickey. I did buy 5 different types of tulip bulbs today at another store. 50 of one sort that's pink and green tulip bulb and 5 each of 4 other sorts. All unusual, and beautiful. My challenge is finding the room to put the bulbs. My small garden is over full.

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