Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The power of TV

Last night we watched a German TV show called Restaurant school. The boys were really into it. The show found 12 people from very different backgrounds. Each wanted the chance at learning a trade in the restaurant profession. They have a professional chief teaching them not just how to cook, but it seems every area of the profession. They will live in a large house for 3 months, and learn to work as a team. Team work, and hard respectful work was very important. If they don't work hard, they will get kicked out! It made an impression on at least Thomas. He got up early today and set the breakfast table. He wasn't asked...and he did it well! The show is on RTL every Monday night. We will be watching. It seems to be based on a good work ethic, and I totally love this! Oh how I love this!!!!

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