Thursday, August 19, 2010

the last min stress of getting out the door

So I have the kids packed. The toys, roller blades, beach toys etc…
I’m on my last load of laundry (I think). The car is cleaned out. The kids are not happy, but they are cleaning their rooms. Actually the boys are having a power struggle. I wish they each had their own room. They are trying to out lazy each other. When will they get past this awful stage? God please give me grace! We have a big car, but I’m not really sure how we will fit it all in. Juergen is a genius at packing. I’m sure he will manage it. He will be saying “Amy, you can not bring the whole house” but he will manage it. He is so blessed to be at work today. He doesn’t need to listen to the battle of the bedroom. Oh I wish I had a job ( you know what I mean)!

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