Thursday, August 26, 2010

A wet walk

It was so much fun to walk with the kids to the sea. It was pouring down rain. Juergen stayed with Jess in the car. Actually, we tried to drag her along, but she would not budge. We acted like soldiers in the rain. Mickey chased a giant rabbit. We almost thought we had lost him. And the kids did some scream therapy. I hope I can load these photos. Someone must be praying because it has been a good day, even with the rain!


  1. Amy, it looks like you are all having so much fun!!!! I've been hoping this trip would be all you wanted it to be, and it looks like the Lord is putting some great things in your path!

    Mary Morris

  2. Thanks for the photos and the updates. Sounds like you are having fun. creem theropy is good, especially on a cold and windy beach where no one can hear it.

    Dad's MRI went well. We will keep you posted on the results through e-mail. Mom