Monday, August 23, 2010

wind, wind and rain

It’s Monday morning, and it’s raining hard. I reserved a bowling lane for the kids at 11am. They can also go swimming inside. Jess didn’t sleep well. I was up watching her. I’m totally tired. Juergen went to the store to get bread. He loves the soft Dutch bread with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast. He grew up in Holland. It’s like home to him here. They have an extremely thick and creamy yogurt here. So far this is my favorite food. I’ve tried it with fresh oranges. I think it’s called room yogurt. It’s made on the island. 100% natural, no preservatives. It’s whipped so thick, it’s almost like butter. It sort of reminds me of the clotted cream in England. They have a TV channel here called the Texel channel. It’s a long infomercial of all the cool stuff there is to do in Texel. They have a farm here that has it’s own ice-cream company. Nicole is keen to try this. She is a snob when it comes to ice-cream. At home there is an Italian ice dealer. They make all their ice fresh with only the best ingredients. Nicole is spoiled on this ice-cream, and is determined to find other ice-cream that can equal our ice dealer. So far, no success. But will check out the local ice-cream to satisfy Nicole’s curiosity.

…3pm, The kids went bowling with Juergen today. I did laundry. The laundry mat was very crowded. I needed 3 machines. I had to stand in line. It was pretty expensive too. 3.50€ per load, and another 4€ for drying. I needed to wash the cloths. They were wet and full of sand. We have a stack of DVD’s for the kids, and the play station. It’s a serious shame the Nero feedback equipment I ordered from America never showed up. I checked the tracking on that package. It went from New York to Denmark, then back to New York, back to Denmark, then Hong Kong, then again to Denmark. It was suppose to come in 3.5 days. It’s about 4 weeks and counting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a machine you hook up to the play station video game. It causes the play station to function as a biofeedback/ Nero feedback machine. When you use the correct brainwaves, the cars drive well. If you use the wrong brainwaves, they drive badly. If you use the correct brainwaves long enough, it improves concentration and lessens anxiety. It is a new treatment for ADHD. Both our sons have ADHD. It is equipment designed by NASA. It is very cool and I’m so disappointed we don’t have it yet. The costumer service from this company has been pretty poor. I would have canceled my order, but they are the only ones making it right now. For the boys sake I will not cancel my order.

I’m a little down about the awful weather. It may get better by Wednesday. Friday and Saturday look really bad! It’s too windy for kites. Too wet for football. All summer it’s been like this. I have to work over time to keep the kids entertained. I’m not having much fun yet. Jess was up at 3 or 4 am. I guess I’m tired, and the howling wind doesn’t help. I finally got my internet to work. It was down all weekend. I need a nap. Maybe then I can be a little more positive!

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  1. Hi Amy, "room yoghurt" is fantastic. I#m really looking forword to going to Netherlands in autumn. Room ist the dutch word for Rham, which means cream or clotted cream. So better avoid to have a look how much fat it contains.
    Better simply enjoy ist!