Sunday, August 22, 2010

We are here

Hi, The internet has been down. I haven’t been able to get a connection. It’s beautiful here- charming. The fields are full of wheat. There are sheep on the small hills. The beach is wider then any beach I’ve ever been on before. We have spent a few days on the extremely windy beach. Unfortunately it’s raining today. It’s also getting colder. We had one nice day of sunshine. The kids dug in the sand. They flew kites. Mickey chased a ball. The house we have rented is nice. It has a big garden. The kids are playing football. They are also chasing each other around with guns made of Lego. They have walkie-talkies. It’s very interesting war games. Jess is calm but she doesn’t want to leave the car. I did get her to go shopping with me. When all else fails shop. We are settling into a routine. Mickey our dog is happy. He loves the beach. I’ve never seen him happier. I wish I could find a Texel sheep farmer to give him to. He was made for this environment. It seems ashamed to have him in a small house in Germany, when there are such peaceful fields and beaches here. The boys need fields to run in too, but I would never consider leaving them here (we’ll maybe not)! We are trying to work with the kids on their “people skills”. It is a super classroom for teaching them to be a little more considerate. The first few days Philip and Thomas couldn’t pull themselves out of this completive mood. This morning we tried again to encourage them to just be them selves. Do not try making themselves look good by putting the others down, just be their selves. They can be so funny and fun to be around when they are just them. I think it’s just the age, or insecurity…but they fall into the bad habit of putting others down. Today is actually better. I’m posting this in an internet café. They say we should have internet again tomorrow. I hope that’s true. Either way, you know we made it. We are trying to relax. I think we will be better for the trip! I can not seem to load photo's. I will get this worked out!

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  1. Sounds like a really good place to be right now. I agree, a rural environment is a good place to raise kids and for animals that like to run around. There is less stress and they can just be themselves. That is half the reason we left Phoenix and moved to Corvallis. I have never regretted that move. Hope to see some photos soon. Love ya, mom.