Thursday, August 19, 2010

Packing the computer

We plan to leave early. I'm packing the computer. Please pray for us as we travel. Juergen did manage to fit it all in the car....and you were worried! I hope it will be OK traveling with the boys. They get on my nerves these days. They are suppose to have internet at our house. If that is true, I'll post when we get there.

Oh, Sand Castle Days
Poet: John McLeod
Sweet memories enhance
The backwards glance
Long into childhood's way,
Hours by the sea
Timeless, carefree
Where the sun brightly shone

Every day,
Looking out o'er the waves
Soft, memory saves
A joy that forever stays
Held deep in that part
Of one's innermost heart..

Of so happy,
dear sand-castle days!

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